Thursday, April 9, 2009

Here Come The Judge(s)!

Via Politico: Federal judges go Judge Dredd on DOJ.

I've always been told that the lawyers in the DOJ & U.S. Attorney's offices around the nation are the creme de la creme. Many of them come from the "finest schools" and have impeccable credentials. So, Illuminati, why do you think people who are otherwise brilliant fail to exercise common sense and/or play fairly?


  1. Our profession has been robbed of its integrity. The real question to me is why do people continue to feel entitled to behave in this way

  2. I think 1:46 is a little extreme, but there is a major problem and a large part of it relates to the finest schools you speka of. The classes these schools are graduating are filled to the brim with people who believe they are society's gift to the world, and who are money-hungry, prestige-seeking and selfish. These people go out into the legal world and think they can do whatever they want because there are no consequences for them. They've always been told that everything is about them, how great they are, and they think that because they're 'better' than everyone they're right.

  3. I'm disappointed to see there hasn't been more discussion in response to Fred's excellent question, because I think it's something we all need to reflect on. And I'd make it even broader: why are people in (or aspiring to be in) our profession often mean spirited, and--ultimately--cruel? See, e.g. Above the Law comments; AutoAdmit; Other such (anonymous) online forums.

    I don't have any answers, and recognize (to an extent) that it's not my role to judge--but I don't think that means I shouldn't pose the question.


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