Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Government Should Avoid Practicing Unprotected Witnessing...

Today's FAD is based upon an ongoing trial visited by Yours Truly earlier today.

For those keeping track at home, U.S. Atty Patrick Fitzgerald (who is like a modern day Wyatt Earp) and his office recently concluded the Family Secrets case resulting in the destruction of one of Chicago's Mafia Families (called The Outfit). Well, during the prosecution of that case, it was learned that an officer in the Witness Protection Program was feeding the Mob information about a former mobster-turned cooperating informant. Fitzgerald's office is now prosecuting the Marshal who acted as the alleged leak. Suffice to say, this case is a really big deal. I'll keep you posted as to the end result.

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  1. That's really terrible. Now the informant's probably in big trouble. Jeez.


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