Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Blackbook's Top Law Prof. Competition (Rd. 2)

The first annual Blackbook Top Law Prof. Competition is underway and it's time to vote for your favorite law school professor. We chose a list of 18 professors from various nominations that our readers listed in our original posting and sent to us via e-mail. Professors who received 3 or more nominations are the ones who were chosen to be in this final poll which is located on the side panel.

Voting for this round will end in seven days. From the results compiled during that period, we will further narrow the field to the top 5 professors, who will compete in a separate poll the following week. From there, we will choose a winner.

Note again that this poll is not intended to be scientific; it's just for fun.

Happy Voting.


  1. There is only one woman in your list.

  2. @ 10:50--

    Good, interesting point. Obviously, we didn't pick who made the cut--if the professor got three nominations from our readers, they made it.

    But I wonder why there are barely any female professors who were nominated. It may be that there are fewer female law professors out there--in fact, I am taking my first this semester as a 2L.


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