Monday, April 13, 2009

Dirty Dishes at SCOTUS?

Not while Clarence Thomas remains on the bench! After all, as Justice Thomas recently declared: “I’m one of those people that still thinks the dishwasher is a miracle. What a device! And I have to admit that because I think that way, I like to load it. I like to look in and see how that dishes were magically cleaned.”

You tell them, Justice Thomas! I guess the only lingering question is whether Justice Thomas needs to recuse himself when Maytag brings its claim to Court? (Yes, I'm kidding).

[Ed. Note: Thanks to Dani Weiner for passing along the link.]


  1. No shout outs to friends who cook?

  2. Haha, sorry...I took care of it! ;)

  3. This is why I love Justice Thomas. He's a simple, normal guy just like you and me. He's an authentic guy who calls it like he sees it.

  4. I must say that for all the grief Justice Thomas gets I respect him for his logical consistency. You may not agree with his views, but they are consistent. Also, I do think he has a valid point in discussing the nature of rights insofar as how we should and do go about defining what is a "right".

  5. What do you mean about rights, Justin D?


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