Sunday, April 26, 2009

Failure to BCC Shows Who Has B's, C's and C's...

Well, not quite...but basically. As a first-year tipster from Brooklyn Law School (which doesn't mind if you transfer) writes:
Phi Delta Phi at Brooklyn extends a membership invitation to all first years with a 3.2 gpa or higher. In sending out the invitation, the org cc'd all of the students that were being invited. Basically everyone with a 3.2 or over (~ top 40%) knows who got a 3.2 or higher but the students that have lower than a 3.2 don't know who's on the list. Talk about disclosure.
Oops. Perhaps the school should create an honor society for the bottom 60% of the class, and send out another non-BCC'd e-mail? This way everyone knows exactly what their status is relative to their peers--parity basically compels it! Plus, why limit prestigious honors to the top 40%? That's school.


  1. Is Phi Delta Phi run by the school? And top 40% honors based on just 1L grades? Weird. I wonder how employers view membership (since they see the transcripts anyway).

  2. @ 9:29--

    Don't know regarding how employers view it, but here's some (Wikipedia) information on Phi Delta Phi.

  3. How could they do this before 1L spring grades come in? Makes no sense.

  4. This would NEVER happen at CARDOZO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I don't get the point of the honor society. If it's just based on grades, why give the honor? It won't affect employment or anything.

  6. Is this true? What a ridiculous story.


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