Saturday, April 18, 2009

Last Call: The Blackbook's Top Law Prof. Competition (Rd. 3)

As you know, Round 3 of The Blackbook's Top Law Prof. Competition is currently underway! The race is currently very closely knotted up, and the polls close tomorrow at 9:00 PM.

Right now, the standings are as follows:

1. Peter Smith (GWU)
2. Aaron Twerski (Brooklyn)
3. Richard Epstein (Chicago/NYU)
4. Catherine Struve (Penn)
5. Tobias Wolff (Penn)

Only one will be crowned The Blackbook's Top Law Prof., so be sure to vote before 9:00 tomorrow!


  1. Ugh! Can someone please explain to me what makes P. Smith a good professor? I had him for Civ Pro II and was not impressed. He may be smart, but that doesn't make him a good professor. There HAVE to be better professors out there....
    - Disgruntled GW Law student.

  2. @ 3:17--

    I'm going to announce the results later, but--briefly--it seems the majority of people overwhelmingly disagree. But you're entitled to your opinion!


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