Tuesday, April 28, 2009

U.Chi Grad Fudges Transcript, Faces Disbarment

A lurid tale of sex, drugs, and law (well, not so much sex and/or drugs). According to the Chicago Tribune, a former SA at, well, SA, falsified his transcripts in order to qualify for a summer position. Said associate has since hung up his legal gloves and is pursuing an MBA at UIllinois (probably studying how to become Bernie Madoff).

I think the most interesting part of this tale is not the counterfeiting and hoodwinking; rather, what does this say about legal recruiting, the quality of work at law firms, and the relative importance of grades and law schools as proxies for intelligence? I mean, here was a student who was terrible at law school; however, nowhere is it stated that the associate was fired for failing to perform satisfactorily.


  1. Old news, but good point on the grades thing, though I doubt any firm views grades as more than an arbitrary proxy for distinguishing comparable students.

  2. Sad that people would go to such measures.


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