Friday, April 3, 2009

Iowa Supremes To Rule On Gay Marriage?

Today's installment of FAD is brought to you by the Iowa Supreme Court. Based out of Des Moines (Motto: "We're Des Bestes!"), the Iowa Supremes are preparing to rule on the constitutionality of one couple's gay marriage.

The fact pattern is pretty interesting:

Lambda Legal sued challenging the state's ban on gay marriage on behalf of 6 couples. The trial court struck down the statute prohibiting gay marriage. One of the couples from the Lambda Legal group applied for their marriage license and received it on that same day. The trial court then reversed itself and stayed its decision on the following day.

The issue (per the AP wire article): The high court would determine whether the district court erred by finding that the same-sex marriage ban violated the state constitution, and whether it erred by not allowing the county's expert witness testimony.

[Ed. Note 1: I tried to get on to the Iowa Supremes' site and it just doesn't connect. I wonder why the servers are acting a little queer... **crickets chirping** I'll be here all week!

Ed. Note 2: But, seriously, the Iowa Supremes' site is down; it might be best to wait until the AP/Reuters breaks the story for the nail-biting conclusion]

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