Monday, April 27, 2009

Finals Draw Nigh...

Well, BBL-ers-- It's getting to that time of the year where Finals hangs over our heads like the sword on the thinnest string (as if I would have to remind such a studious group of scholars!) This is an open thread; I welcome each of you to participate in answering the following questions.

(1) What are your Finals superstitions (if any)? For example, do you have a lucky pair of socks, or shirt, or favorite McDonalds super-combo ($1 McChicken, I'm looking at you!)

(2) What is your biggest pet peeve leading up to finals? What about during finals?

(3) What advice would you give to 1Ls who may not know how to play the 'game' yet?

I look forward to all of your responses!


  1. 1Ls should study their hearts out because these two weeks matter more than ever before.

  2. Take all the practice exams and read the sample answers. A surprisingly small no. of ppl do this.

  3. (1)I don't shave during the finals period.
    (2) My biggest pet peave about finals is people who lock themselves up for the entirety of the finals period because they are "studying" when in reality they are just being anti-social and surfing the web.

  4. No haircuts within the prior two months.

  5. 9:37...shut up....who cares anymore? Stop scaring people

  6. (1) In the winter, I wear the same flannel shirt to each final. I call it my 'battle shirt' as a hat-tip to Gen'l A.P. Hill from the Civil War and his red battle shirt. I also eat a $1 McChicken, plain w/ sweet & sour sauce and I throw some booze in my XL coffee (last year was Anisette/Sambuca, this year Johnnie Walker Black) to take the edge off.

    (2) My biggest pet peeve leading up to finals is the general milieu in the library. People are all stressed and shit.

    (3) Follow this formula = at least B+s and probably A-s or As.
    (a) The issue is whether...
    (b) Plaintiff/Petitioner will argue
    (c) Defendant/Respondent will argue
    (d) I would find [PARTY] correct because...

  7. 2:50 Here:
    (1) I don't have a particular clothing setup for the Spring... maybe I'll start one.

  8. I don't shower for a week. It distracts my classmates and helps out w/ the curve.


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