Sunday, October 11, 2009

Protest - A Dying Art?

Historically, protest has been seen as a sign of passion and an effective tool for change. Whether it was the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights Movement, or the Women's Rights Movement, advocates have gathered to show their solidarity in combatting both governmental and societal problems. We're generally taught about these movements with the spin that the protests were worth it even if these people were beaten, executed, and thrown in jail. Does that still ring true? Read about one man's attempt to revive the power of protest. Maybe the government would be more sympathetic if it wasn't just one person, and the issue wasn't the environment, but is that ok?


  1. DeChristopher makes sense. But, I am not sure it woill make a difference in the long run. The environment is screwed.

  2. It might be, but the point is to bring attention to issues that most of the U.S. ignores. Praiseworthy. Thanks for bringing the story to attention!


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