Monday, October 26, 2009

A3 Unleashed: C.J.R. Shares Wine With Neighbors

When Justices Go Wild! This story pairs nicely with the ATL piece on Scalia's cameo.

C.J.R. went to dinner with his wife at some swanky Manhattan eatery. Not wanting to let good wine go to waste (or, decent wine...), C.J.R. did what any good Conservative would do (with his wife, Jane, concurring)--he offered to share it with his neighbor. Who says Conservatives aren't community organizers? Not only that, but he signed the bottle, too!

C.J.R.--In Vino Veritas, indeed!


  1. Why didn't the WSJ credit you guys with this story?

  2. Not like they wrote the story, the NYT did.


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