Friday, October 9, 2009

Dreams of Terry-fication... or: "Cop a Feel?"

An interesting article out of the AP yesterday: Seems like Cops like heavy petting...

All jesting and innuendo aside, the substance of this article kind of startles me. I've always been uneasy with the concept of Terry stops in general. While I understand the need for police officers to ensure their safety (and prevent possible crimes), it seems to me that the whole "secure in their persons" language of the Fourth Amendment has been waylaid into oblivion.

I guess I should just chalk this up as another Warren Court decision. I mean, I'm in favor of a stronger, more assertive judiciary; however, my ideal judiciary would be a nullifying force, not an enacting/demanding force. Oh well... in the mean time (and, in this economy), I guess I'll take my free massages where I can get them...

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