Thursday, October 15, 2009

Czech Law School Infiltrated by Mafia?

Apparently so, according to The Prague Post, and now "[t]he safety of the state is 'threatened' amid growing fears of mafia influence in key sectors of society after allegations that degrees were conferred after just a few months' study." The alleged infiltration's scope seems vast:
"You have to understand what is going on down there," Vladimíra Dvořáková, chairwoman of the Accreditation Commission that oversees standards in universities, said. "It is not about one politician giving an envelope to the faculty to get a degree. It concerns property worth billions of crowns to the Czech state. The Plzeň dean was also a director at the State and Law Department of the Academy of Sciences, a position of a huge importance. He gave expert opinions in areas relating to property owned by the state."
One has to wonder if the guy who came up with this scheme has seen The Departed...


  1. Just was bound to happen I suppose. Come to think of it, law schools ARE organized crime.

  2. As if this isn't happening in America too. Our government, universities, and all the liberal media are all really mafia. see the conspiracy posted on your own blog about rush limbaugh.

  3. @ 5:57--

    Not sure what you're talking about with the "conspiracy posted on [our] blog about rush" (the antitrust article doesn't speak of any such conspiracy), but I disagree in any event. While there may be some corruption in American universities, the scope is much, much different.


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