Sunday, October 25, 2009

Big Law, Nevada-style--An Electoral Showdown?

The Nevada desert is a brutal, unforgiving place. It's like 1,000,000 degrees, and there is no shade (save for the REALLY spiny tree/cacti things). And, it looks like it may be heating up real soon: according to the Las Vegas Sun, it is looking likely to be a two-pony race for the Governor's Mansion in 2010, with two of the biggest law firms in the State training the favorites. (Side note: what kind of paper is this? Everything in Vegas should have betting lines attached!)
In the Red Corner, managed by the venerable Jones Vargas, is Brian "The Judge" Sandoval. A recently retired federal judge, "The Judge" is moving to quash all who stand in his path. In the Blue Corner, managed by the famed Lionel Sawyer & Collins, is Rory "Don't Call Me Harry" Reid. Rory, who possesses a wicked set of specks, lacks the federal bench experience of "The Judge;" however, he ain't a bum either. Just look at that CV!

Ladies and Gentlemen-- this is a one-round Heavyweight fight for the Governor's Belt.

Then again, and, in true Vegas-fashion, it's not entirely clear whether this fight already has a winner:
David Damore, a political science professor at UNLV, said the candidates’ connections "speak to the incestuous nature of our politics. There’s a small number of people, a small number of interests." It gives rise to the perception that "it doesn’t matter what party it is, they’re tied to same people, funded by the same people," Damore said. "At some level there’s some truth to that and that makes people think there’s not a big difference between the candidates."
Promoters should call it Electoral Incest in the Desert!

Either way, one thing is certain-- in the end, whoever becomes the Gubernator, has one hell of a headache to deal with after taking the oath. Nevada is in Michigan-Bad shape.

[Ed. Note: For more information on Vegas Law in general, I suggest you check out Wild Wild Law.]

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