Thursday, March 5, 2009

Proposition 8 Round-Up

Today's discussion of the California Court's oral argument regarding the legality of Proposition 8 provoked a lot of interesting and--unsurprisingly--disparate views.

In response to some reader's requests, we are linking you in to the Law Dork's round up of what transpired today. Although it is only a rough version of the transcript, it's the best we've come across so far. We will continue looking for a complete transcript to post for your convenience.

In the interim, here are the links we have so far:

1) The (rough) transcript of the petitioner's oral argument.

2) The (rough) transcript of the intervenor's oral argument.

We also think the Law Dork's commentary sheds some valuable insight into what transpired, and recommend glancing at it if you're interested in getting a better sense of the issues implicated.

UPDATE (8:35 PM): Here's a link that has all the briefing and documents for today's argument. The transcript is not currently posted, but we expect it will be soon. There's also a neat e-mail sign-up feature that alerts you to any action on the docket.

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