Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Blackbook Welcomes its New Contributing Editor!

By popular demand (amongst ourselves), we've invited a new contributing editor aboard; we think he'll deliver a fresh new perspective--particularly because he, unlike us, is not an east-coaster.

We'll let him introduce himself:
My name is Freddy B.* and I attend a Jesuit law school in Chicago. (I have yet to figure out what that "Jesuit" label means in relation to the law school.) You may remember me as 'Master Shake'. I am BBL's new Chief Midwest Correspondent. I am interested in a ton of things and consider myself a "tinkerer," meaning I like to grab a new idea, gnaw on it for a while, and then move on. My interests include liberty, economics, law and the intersection of these things in the real world. Please feel free to write me at scrranger11@yahoo.com if you have any questions. I look forward to weighing in and posting in the future.
*- Real name has been withheld in order to maximize frankness and minimize future fall out.
Although pen names are not really our thing, we respect Freddy's decision. We'd be remiss, after all, to ignore the very real consequences of online blogging which have been observed by, amongst others, our friends at The Shark.

But while Freddy will be using a pseudonym, we assure you he'll adhere the theory underlying our decisions not to do so: namely, the desire to provide legitimate, substantive and--above all--thought-provoking content.

With that said, please join me in welcoming Freddy to the team!


  1. Welcome to the fold Freddy

  2. Glad you added this guy to your blog. I really liked reading his comments. Welcome Freddy

  3. Looks like I will have a worthy adversary...when are you guys going to ask me to contribute?

  4. @ Jeff--

    Your invitation's in the mail.


  5. looking forward to the Mastershake style


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