Wednesday, March 25, 2009

First Impressions matter...

In the hopes of fulfilling my promise to contribute a different perspective to this blog, I am posting the following link to one of my favorite economic policy blogs on the web. The blog, "Long or Short Capital," is written from a libertarian perspective and it is an irreverent look at what's going on in the worlds of finance, law, economics, and policy. This particular piece is very funny in a dark "How Did We Get Here?" kinda way (hence, the new label) [Note: I did not write this article and take no credit for it; I just really liked it]. I hope to keep posting thought-provoking links in the future, and I have an interesting piece (regarding the stimulus and what happens next) waiting final revisions before posting. In the mean time, enjoy this piece...

And to many more,
Freddy B.


  1. Does this mean you will write from a Libertarian perspective?

  2. What is a "Libertarian perspective" 1:16? By the way, i assume you know Nima's a self-proclaimed "Libertarian" himself so maybe he's already doing this.


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