Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blackbook Weekend Links

1. More talk on the constitutionality of the Health Care bill. The House will vote this week on whether to repeal it. [WSJ]

2. Natural alternative to no jobs: clerking. [Youngstown News]

3. Bending it. Beckham sues prostitute who claims that he paid her for her services. [MTV UK]

4. More jobs. Just not legal jobs. [Market Watch]

5. Harvard, Dartmouth, Penn, Chicago post record number of applications. [Bloomberg]

6. Arent Fox representing Boise State and the Mountain West Conference in helping the DOJ along in its BCS antitrust inquiry. We've been down this road before. [ABA Journal]

7. No Jeb Bush on the Republican ticket for 2012. [Yahoo]

8. Penn Law professor reuses exam questions. The heat falls on the professor, but wasn't it the students who actively sought the questions out? [Above the Law]

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