Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blackbook Weekend Links

1. U.S. officials have subpoenaed information from Twitter on WikiLeaks officials. [CNN]

2. All kinds of outgoing Senators want to be law professors--it is, after all, a sweet gig. I guess Russ Feingold is no exception. [Washington Post]

3. A legal education too expensive? No. . . . []

4. 18-year-old files lawsuit against HHH, The Rock, and WWE for injuries sustained during a 2000 pay-per-view event. I suppose its only fitting that the event was "Judgment Day." []

5. Saddam Hussein's pistol on display at George W. Bush's presidential library. [ABC News]

6. Justice Roberts pleads with Congress to stop blocking judicial confirmations. He's not the only one who takes issue with nominee stalls. [The Lipman Times]

7. Rep. Bachmann invites liberals to Constitutional discussion series. Charles Krauthammer discusses the debate. [L.A. Times]

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