Friday, January 1, 2010

Take Three for Mayor Bloomberg

Today, Mayor Michael Bloomberg was sworn in for his controversial third term. Becoming the fourth mayor in New York City history to deliver three inaugural addresses, this billionaire must now face the possibility that New Yorkers are a bit tired of him. The City Council received much criticism for its vote to change the term limits law, and Bloomberg only pulled out a narrow victory over Bill Thompson.

Although he has received wide public support during his mayoral career, Bloomberg is now presented with the task of forcing New Yorkers to cut back as he deals with the struggling economy. A strong advocate for educational reform through essentially getting rid of "bad" teachers based on student performance, he will also have to deal with a new set of city councilmembers, many of whom advocate much more parent involvement in school board decisions. For the next few years, Bloomberg can be sure that his decisions will be scrutinized, and his actions dissected, because he needs to show New York that he deserved a third term. Congratulations, Mayor Bloomberg, and just keep in mind that a fourth term is out of the question!


  1. Bloomberg outspent Thompson by an obscene and absurd amount yet still came dangerously close to losing. The election results speak volumes about how New Yorkers feel about a third term for Bloomberg. We voted to impose term limits to keep Giuliani out and revitalize a stale city council. The arrogance required to think that it's ok to overturn a voter-imposed check on their elected officials because you think you're the only one good enough to run the city during an economic crisis is appalling. No one is that good. He may have done a fine job over the last eight years but he'll need to do more than put patio furniture on Broadway to regain the city's respect. The true test of his leadership will be whether, after eight years in office, he is capable of putting forth the innovative policy initiatives necessary to meaningfully improve the lives of ordinary New Yorkers.

  2. I disagree with M. Bloomberg is a fantastic mayor who is revered in New York. He's a republican winning in a predominantly democrat area. That's what happened here.


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