Monday, January 18, 2010

Open Thread: Jets Fan Helps Create Torts Exam?

Now I know I'm thinking like a lawyer. The first thing I thought of when I saw the video below is how many claims this unfortunate Jets fan likely has if the video is not materially edited...any thoughts on how the locus of the incident could affect this (likely) lawsuit?

Maybe cheering for one's team in an opposing stadium suffices to establish probable cause for an arrest or brief detention? It strikes me as crazy, but maybe that's because I'm just as likely to be screaming my lungs out for the J-E-T-S in Indianapolis this weekend?

Update (10/20): The New York Post weighs in.


  1. What an embarassment. That's great that the opposing fans were telling the cops to quit it though.

  2. It looks like part of the video is edited out. Maybe the guy hit someone or did something that led to this?

  3. Live in the Tampa area. Guess I won't be going to any NFL games as my team isn't the Bucs.


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