Thursday, September 24, 2009

SCOTUS Health Watch

Justice Ginsburg was hospitalized today after feeling faint. As you may know, she recently underwent surgery for pancreatic cancer.

Our best to the Justice.

Read about it here.

The Court's official statement is here.

UPDATE: The Justice was released from the hospital Friday morning and is now back at work.


  1. I hope she makes it through this

  2. Make it thru what? She's totally fine, just faint from the iron infusion or something.

  3. Great job on this're the first to have this on the legal blogosphere that i have seen

  4. Best wishes to Justice ginsburg

  5. This seems like a non-story to me. She fainted, big deal...she'll be fine. She's a trooper. Best wishes RBG

  6. I am sure she'll be back on the bench. I guess the question is whether she actually wants to be there...and be stressed while she is trying to fight this disease.

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