Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Is Justice Stevens Retiring? reports that 89 year-old Justice John Paul Stevens has hired fewer clerks this year than he has in the past, raising questions on whether his retirement is imminent. Recently-retired Justice David Souter employed similar hiring practices in the year before he left the Court. As the article notes, "Souter's failure to hire clerks was the first signal that he was contemplating leaving the court."

Justice Stevens has only hired one clerk for the Court's 2010 term--three less than sitting Justices typically retain for a given year--but did not say whether he planned to hire any more. Justice Stevens' retirement would give President Obama a second Supreme Court appointment.


  1. holy hell, I didnt know the man was that old!

  2. Good. It'll make room for Cass Sunstein, the next great Justice.

  3. Sunstein is a no; it's gomna be kagan unfortunately


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