Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Pimped Out Obama? Racist or Not?

A college bar in Connecticut is making news with a cardboard cutout of President Obama that it keeps behind the bar. The problem is that the cutout is adorned with accessories that portray Obama as a pimp. The accessories include gold teeth, a hair pick, a pink woman’s hat, beads and plenty of other “bling.”

My favorite quote comes from the bar owner: “We’re not Russia yet. We’re not North Korea yet. We can still make fun of the president.” Interesting.

Is this harmless fun or is it racism that should not be tolerated?

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  1. No more racist than all of those cartoons portraying G.W. Bush as a big-eared monkey.

    Poor taste? Yes. But the man opened himself up to caricature when he decided he wanted to be president.


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