Saturday, May 9, 2009

Aussie Attorney Undergoes Surgery to Be "Taken Seriously"

Becoming an attorney is expensive. Just ask Hajnal Ban, a "soon-to-be Queensland lawyer" who had "her legs broken and stretched in a bid to be taken seriously." According to The New Lawyer:
Ban . . . was worried her 5ft1in height would damage her credibility as she entered the legal profession and later went into politics. She paid the Ilizarov orthopedic clinic in Kurgan, Russia, the equivalent of $37,806 to break both legs in four places and stretch them every day for nine months.
What a painful, costly way to improve a problem.


  1. this is utterly disgusting

  2. If the person wants surgery good for them. At least she feels better about herslef now.

  3. Poor girl. Too bad she'll never really be taken seriously in the "man's profession" of law anyway.

  4. What is THAT supposed to mean 7:18?!


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