Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Welcome, again, to the Blackbook!

Now that we're up and running, it's worth laying out some brief ground rules--both for our readers, and ourselves. We'll all benefit from the structure, I'm sure.

Our objective with this blog is simple: we want to facilitate discussion about the (legal) issues that interest us. We expect to address anything and everything--from actual legal issues, to musings about law school, legal employment and everything in between. We'll (likely) each be posting two-to-three times a week.

We want readers to be able to freely express their thoughts in responding to the points we discuss and, accordingly, will not censor critical comments--anonymous or otherwise. We will, however, delete inflammatory comments that do not add anything constructive to the discourse.

This is not to say, of course, that comment discussion must always be "on point." Indeed, we encourage our readers to express themselves; but in a polite, non-derogatory manner. Remember, this is not AutoAdmit!

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