Friday, February 13, 2009

Blogging at The Blackbook

Welcome (back) to The Blackbook:

With the recent increase in traffic we’ve experienced over the past few days, we wanted to briefly clarify our policy with regards to the blog’s discussion of legal employment.

While we intend to continue discussing general issues affecting the legal industry, we do not want to include any discussion of specific law firms. It goes without saying, then, that we will not discuss anything about our own legal employment or experiences—this summer and onwards. Additionally, we ask our commenters to speak in generalities when sharing their work experience with the blog (e.g. 500-750 person firm in NY).

The goal of this blog is to offer the law student’s perspective on the legal profession and legal education, while also discussing a variety of intriguing legal issues. We want this blog to add its own unique and permanent contribution to the legal blogging community and expect that these ground rules will ensure we are able to achieve our goals.


  1. so do you burn books too?

  2. what does that last comment even mean?

  3. @ 4:49--

    Probably referring to the rigidity of our rules; a fair critique. But we still think our approach is the only way to maintain a collegial, informative discussion which is the primary point of this blog.


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