Thursday, March 4, 2010

BREAKING: Chief Justice Will Not Resign!

From Radar Online:
John Roberts, Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, is seriously considering stepping down from the nation’s highest court for personal reasons, has learned exclusively.
Clearly big news (or rumors). This would give President Obama the ability to establish a firm liberal legacy on the Court.

Perhaps this rumor/news is related to the Chief Justice's health. As you may recall, Chief Justice Roberts suffered from a seizure while on the Court. He suffered from a similar seizure in 1993 as well.

UPDATE: Radar Online has retracted their statement and now notes that the Chief Justice will NOT be resigning. See what happens when you read the tabloids?


  1. thank god...I cant imagine Obama appointing another justice.

  2. Regardless, OBama is getting a chance to appoint at least 2 more justices, and possibly up to four if he gets elected for a second term. In other words, we're looking at (possibly) stevens, ginsberg, kennedy and scalia leaving within the next 7 years.


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