Saturday, November 28, 2009

Open Thread: Finals Prep and Superstition

Well, BBL fans, the least wonderful time of the year is upon us: Finals.

For some of the more fortunate of us (i.e. those with post-graduation job offers), it's largely a huge pain and a waste of time--one just needs to graduate and sit for the bar. However, seeing as most of us are overachievers, we're basically still studying nearly as hard as a 1L.

For those of us who are victims of the economy, this is just another potential hurdle--I mean, if I can't get a job with my grades now, how the will I get one next semester if my grades get worse?

For our younger readers (especially the first semester 1Ls), this is a time of increased hair-loss, weight-gain and the occasional heart palpitation.

So, in furtherance of what we all know is some mad procrastination, your dear friend Fred has decided to ask "what's more appropriate than sharing some Finals superstitions?" Tell us, dear readers, what kind of odd, nonsensical action(s) do you take to make yourself feel more comfortable before, during, and after finals week?

I'll start: I have a blue waffle knit shirt I wear for every fall semester final. It is called my "battle shirt" in reference to the red shirt Gen. A.P. Hill wore during the Civil War... and because it is awesome. It's a tradition I started as an undergrad. Also, I listen to "Touch of Gray/Grey" by the Grateful Dead as the last song before typing "Start" into the stupid SecureExam program.

So, kids--tell us whatcha got!


  1. i love the song... definitely adding to ye olde ipod. here are mine:

    1) running in the morning to blow off steam (even if it's just running to buy caffeine (see no. 2)
    2) cashing in my lexis starbucks gift cards
    3) made a bunch of healthy foods and stocked the fridge and freezer to make sure i don't resort to take-aways
    4) taking my time with the first go-around of practice exams
    5) talking to family
    6) ignoring calls from people who are draining
    7) avoiding working in the library
    8) making sure to be out in at least one hour of daylight

  2. When there was a similar thread last year I posted the same thing I'll post now: no showers.

  3. I study basically 9-5, and then go clubbing. Top 5%/T1

  4. 10:01 - titcr. Studying for finals doesn't have to be about stressing.

  5. 1. I listen to classical music on the day of an exam on the theory that it stimulates complex thinking.

    2. I always leave the exam room 1/2 way through and go to the bathroom whether I need to or not.

    3. I never discuss the exam substance with classmates (process is ok).

    4. I put my outline in a notebook and meticulously tab the outline with labeled post-it tabs. I have never opened one of these notebooks during an exam.

  6. This thread is depressingg


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